Intelligent irrigation system for the park of Málaga

Irrigation can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, and is managed by a web application developed by Sosteco. Through the mobile devices, irrigation can be activated or deactivated, either in real time or by programming a start and end time. By means of the humidity sensors it is possible to know the state of the land. The intelligent irrigation system acts in a programmed way and by sectors.

When the sensors detect that the soil has enough moisture and water depending on the type of plant in each section, it is automatically deactivated and will not let you water until you need it. When this happens the web application is updated, which ensures that there is no excess water in any way, making possible considerable savings in the Park of Malaga.

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remote management and control of metering, water - gas - electricity

This project manages from the collection of water resources to the counters of subscribers. The management of the water network is very fast and there is an optimization and simplification of data acquisition and billing of subscribers. The manager and the subscriber are provided with a platform to know the status and consumption. The maintenance of this network to be a preventive and planned maintenance instead of a breakdown.

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REMOTE MANAGEMENT and control OF PUBLIC street LIGHTING at teatinos campus

Direct management of flow reducers for public lighting using LoRaWAN and Modbus technology. Control, management and data collection for optimization analysis and Big Data.


Osuna City Intelligent Irrigation System

Within the framework of intelligent cities, the management and monitoring of irrigation in parks, gardens and sports areas in an intelligent way is a necessity that must be implemented as a strategic solution within the conversion of cities into intelligent cities. In this case, the use of information technologies is a key factor in the development of intelligent systems capable of making decisions based on environmental values.

Generally speaking, the intelligent irrigation system gathers information on the environmental conditions of the green zone and, based on this data, it is capable of managing the irrigations in order to use the amount of water needed by the plants and trees. We save water and energy in addition to the optimization of gardeners and parks because they can manage resources more efficiently.