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We are an expert company in IoT connectivity, focused on free band radio ISM and currently working as main line LoRaWAN.

We perform deployments and coverage studies to maximize network performance and maximize resources, so you can enjoy connectivity in record time.


connected industry

Sosteco offers you a wireless IoT network specially designed for industrial places with great agility. By creating its state-of-the-art infrastructure, it provides complete remote control and monitors machine capacity, which is essential for Industry 4.0.

We provide critical data on your machinery or services instantly, such as condition, errors, power consumption, temperature and motion change thanks to easy-to-install devices. Alarms are generated in case of unwanted changes in machinery and customizable reports are created according to your needs.

Native Modbus integration with performance related data analysis as well as production count, failures, breakdowns and their causes in order to minimize. production and energy losses before any accident occurs.

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smart cities - smart agro - smart business

Sosteco helps transform cities into intelligent cities, thanks to its long-range, low-cost technology for controlling and monitoring various functions such as intelligent parking management, intelligent lighting, environmental measurements, waste management, energy monitoring, intelligent meters, etc...

With an IoT infrastructure for Intelligent City, which can be expanded with any type of sensor, the city can be controlled by city administrators with our technology.

Through the use of standards such as FIWARE, we can integrate with third-party applications, Sosteco allows you to use your existing IoT systems widely and easily.

We offer mobile or fixed solutions in order to maximize the efficiency of your business, such as warehouses, transportation or agriculture. We have a wide range of own or third party products to provide different functions and application areas to improve the control of your work.

For example, we can track and monitor your assets in the construction area or airport on a map, track your fleet or shipment at all times, monitor the temperature of your products throughout the entire chain or supermarket refrigerators as well as cultivation or production in agriculture.

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Custom development hardware - software

We have great knowledge in the area of custom firmware design in embedded systems, we make custom hardware and above all we design IoT products that adapt to current technologies.

We use cloud solutions such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS as well as rely on other companies to get the best possible software for the project requested.

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